Wallpaper trends & decor ideas

Wallpaper trends & decor ideas

We asked our store visitors in a survey, “What type of style, theme, aesthetic, or mood are you trying to achieve in your home?”

In this blog, 13 people tell us what their Dream Bedroom would look like - letting us in on their decor tastes, wallpaper choices, and how they want their bedroom to make them feel.

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Calm Bedroom
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Wood Grain Grey Room

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Pearl Earring

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Olympia Room

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Redoute Green

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Hidden Paradise

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D Geometric

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Black and White Spotty Speckle

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Tone blue

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Pseudo Sage

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Dark Floral Wallpaper Mural Featuring Large Photogrpahic Pink Roses on a Black Background

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Wallpaper Mural With A Copper Verdigris Effect

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Intrepid blue

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Banner Image

13 people tell us what their dream bedroom looks like

Sukhasana Room

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Banner Feature

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Pink Spring Flowers

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Oriz web

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Lets do this

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Chaos Lifestyle

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Features Nude

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Through the clouds

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Gauja Lifestyle

6 Wallpaper Ideas To Create A 'Hygge' Inspired Interior