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Dazzle Camouflage Wallpaper Designs That Make A Statement

Taking inspiration from the Modernist artist Edward Wadsworth's work in designing over 2,000 dazzle camouflage patterns for ships during the First World War, this bold collection of geometric wallpaper invites his striking style onto your feature wall. This unique camouflage collection features bold lines and shapes in a monochrome style to create truly mesmerising murals that often act as optical illusions too.


Divert Striped Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Walmer Layered Black & White Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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With stylish monochrome lines layered upon each other in unique and intricate ways, each dazzle camo wallpaper design has become its own piece of art that you can admire for all its different flows of movement. The depth created in Divert and Walmer through their layers will add a 3D effect to your walls making them truly eye-catching and impactful. Although simple in form and color, it is the attentive positioning of each line that combines to create statement geometric murals.


Oriz Geometric Black & White Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Although inspired by historical designs from First World War ships, the dazzling designs created will help you style a modern space that packs a punch. Whilst being a sophisticated collection of designs they have also taken inspiration from the maximalist trend, seen within Argus and Oriz as they feature bold shapes and lines. So why not get adventurous in your space and complement these daring designs with interesting colors and textures.