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Are You Faux Real? 10 Texture Effect Wallpapers You Won’t Believe Are Real

These tasteful texture effect wallpapers really do exist! The 10 amazing murals below are made to give walls a realistic effect of different textures, like concrete, brick, wood, and even crystals. Feast your eyes, and get some great inspiration for what you can do with wallpaper.

Celeste Agate Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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This mind-boggling wallpaper is a close-up crystal shot, with all its iridescent details creating a unique feature wall. This design makes a room feel like a shiny crystal cave – perfect for sleep and meditation. Shop crystal wallpaper

Light Gray Cracked Concrete Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Grey concrete is a texture a lot of people would love to have in their interiors to create an industrial or natural aesthetic, but a real concrete wall isn’t possible to achieve for most. A faux texture wallpaper with a cracked concrete effect makes it easy, though! Shop concrete wallpaper

Rustica brick effect wallpaper in office room

Painted White Brick Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Not many people will want to expose a real brick wall in their home, so brick wallpaper like this exists to provide a natural, rustic brick style for any normal wall. The textures of the worn brick and the white paint effect give this wallpaper a charmingly realistic look. Shop brick collection

Blue Gray Wood Grain Print Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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A photographic mural isn’t the only option for a faux texture effect. This wood design has been created by printing burnt wood against paper, capturing its organic rings and details. Ideal for a natural, Nordic decor theme. Shop wood collection

Faux metal effect wallpaper in bathroom

Copper Verdigris Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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This verdigris texture mural has a rusted metal effect that gives that ‘perfectly imperfect’ look. A boring wall will benefit from a wallpaper with this kind of textured charm, particularly in a kitchen or bathroom with a natural industrial style. Shop metal wallpaper

Xylopal Crystal Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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More crystal goodness – this time in warm neutral and yellow tones that work well with a lot of furniture types. The close-up textures captured by camera are so detailed that this mural is one that’s ready to blow guests’ minds. Shop crystal collection

Neutral Printed Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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This wood texture mural is another printed burnt wood design – this time with a soft neutral color palette and a panel effect. This wallpaper is an artistic way to introduce a textured wood effect into your interiors, and will bring some Scandinavian style to your space. Shop Scandi-style wallpapers

Teal, Blue & White Marble Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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The intriguing ‘Maelstrom’ mural was created using a unique water marbling technique, where paper is pressed against colored water and has a cool marble effect. The result is this swirling teal and light blue design that gives your wall a creative paper and paint texture look. Shop marble collection

Dark Industrial Blue Cracked Concrete Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Whether you’re wanting a faux concrete look, plaster effect, or plain textured wallpaper, this mural’s weather blue concrete effect is a stylish and simple choice. The cracked and textured look is very convincing as a real concrete wall, and the deep navy color is a modern touch. Shop stone collection

Eclectic brick wallpaper in home office

Exposed Brick Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Eclectic Brick

Brick walls are a reassuring style, and give a room a natural and rustic feel. The warm tones and mixed colors of this realistic brick wallpaper give this home desk space such a different feel than a blank white wall would, adding tonnes of charm and character to the room. We can see why some people will opt for brick effect wallpaper if they want to achieve a brick wall look! Shop brick collection