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6 Wallpaper Ideas For An Adventure Themed Nursery

Kick off your little one's love for adventure early with a nursery wallpaper that's all about discovery and play. Imagine a space where every day is a new journey, with walls that spark stories and ignite little imaginations. Our carefully selected wallpapers are just the ticket for your tiny trailblazer's room, setting the scene for countless adventures to come. Get ready to be inspired and craft the perfect basecamp for your child's first escapades.

A whimsical watercolor illustration for a wallpaper design featuring a vibrant jungle scene with a towering giraffe, a majestic elephant, and a flamboyance of flamingos amidst lush tropical foliage. Vividly colored birds perch on palm trees under a serene sky.

Embark on a safari of imagination with the wallpapers in our nursery collection, capturing the essence of wild jungles, detailed world maps, and whimsical mountain landscapes. These designs are perfect for nurturing the spirit of adventure in every child. Illustrated with a gentle touch, the wallpapers provide a backdrop for stories to unfold and explorations to begin, all while maintaining a chic and neutral style that’s adaptable across any nursery, regardless of gender. They’re not just decorations; they’re invitations to dream and discover.

An illustrative world map mural in pastel tones that adds a playful yet educational element to a nursery, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery.

Explorer Kids World Map Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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A colorful, hand-painted jungle scene wallpaper with a giraffe, elephant, and tropical birds, set in lush greenery that brings nature's serenity to the room.

Watercolor Jungle Nursery Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Designing a Nursery that Grows with Your Child

When it comes to styling the room, consider the playful yet sophisticated nature of these murals. For the jungle-themed wallpaper, opt for natural wood furniture and soft, plush textiles to complement the wild foliage and animal motifs. Textured baskets and animal-shaped cushions can add a touch of whimsy and practical storage. For the world map design, accessories with educational toys and globes encourage learning and curiosity. Utilize a color palette drawn from the mural for your textiles and decor to create a cohesive space. As your child grows, these elements can be updated with more mature accessories, like framed art that reflects their interests or a larger desk for schoolwork. Remember, the goal is to create a flexible space that can adapt over time. Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes and last through the years. For instance, a convertible crib that becomes a toddler bed, or a simple chest of drawers that can hold toys now and clothes later. With thoughtful choices, these wallpapers can serve as a beautiful and functional backdrop to your child’s ever-evolving tastes and needs.

A whimsical children's room with a teepee in front of a large-scale mural depicting stylized mountain peaks in shades of white and blue.

Kids Blue & Gray Mountains Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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A bright and airy nursery featuring a wall with a detailed world map mural in soft pastel tones, complemented by a white crib and a fluffy chair.

Sage Ultimate Kids Map Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Styling a Nursery for Creative Growth

In crafting a nursery that’s as stylish as it is imaginative, the key is to strike a balance between chic design and whimsical play. These wallpapers do just that—serve as large-scale art pieces that appeal to both the parent with an eye for design and the child lost in storybook dreams. When styling with the mountain or world map murals, choose furniture with clean lines and a neutral palette to let the wallpaper stand out. Incorporate playful touches like a soft teepee or a wooden toy airplane that echo the spirit of adventure without cluttering the space. Soft, textured rugs and throws can add warmth and layering to the room, making it cozy for both playtime and bedtime.

A child's nursery with a world map wallpaper mural in soft pastel colors, illustrating different continents with charming animal icons and landmarks. A white crib is positioned against the mural, with a plush chair and a neutral-toned rug complementing the adventurous theme.

Illustrated Forest & Animals Children’s Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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A whimsical nursery room with a large wallpaper mural featuring a lush jungle scene with a giraffe, elephant, and tropical birds amidst green foliage. A baby's cot with soft bedding is nestled against the wall, and a playful storage basket and a patterned rug add to the room's charm.

Kids Jungle Animal Friends Wallpaper Mural - $49.00

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Blending Whimsy and Practicality in Nursery Design

Don’t shy away from mixing patterns with solids; a polka-dotted cushion or a striped blanket can coexist beautifully with the illustrated wallpaper. As your child grows, these walls can remain a constant, while accessories can be swapped out to match their evolving tastes. Remember, the nursery is a place where practicality meets the make-believe—a haven for your little one to grow, rest, and play.

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