Crystal & Geode Wallpaper

Ready to discover a new way to decorate with crystals? Our beautiful, curated collection of crystal wallpaper designs is ready to turn your room into a magical crystal cave. This range features high-quality photographic murals of mesmerising quartz, agate, gemstones and geodes, which are all custom-made by us to fit your wall’s specific shape and size. Or, incorporate crystals as an illustrated pattern for walls with one of our quartz cluster designs in dark, neutral or pretty pastel tones. Style a magical space full of soothing pink, blue, turquoise, and purple colours with a close-up crystal wallpaper transforming your room into an immersive abstract experience. Perfect for personalising a serene bedroom, meditation and yoga space, small reading room, spa-like bathroom, or intimate dining room.
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Crystal & Geode Wallpaper

11 designs
Quartz design inspector
image of rose quartz wallpaper wall mural with chair and flooring


Rose Quartz Wallpaper Mural

Celeste design inspector
agate-crystals-square-wall mural-kj


Celeste Agate Wallpaper Mural

Xylopal design inspector


Xylopal Crystal Wallpaper Mural

Reiki design inspector
black and white moon & stars wallpaper mural


Black Illustrated Crystal & Star Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Essence design inspector
Rose Crystal Wallpaper Mural


Rose Crystal Wallpaper Mural

Mangano design inspector
rose quartz-crystals-square-wall mural-kj


Mangano Crystal Wallpaper Mural

Reiki Lilac design inspector
pastel purple illustrated crystal & star pattern wallpaper mural

Reiki Lilac

Pastel Purple Illustrated Crystal & Star Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Achates design inspector


Agate Mineral Crystal Wallpaper Mural

Malachite design inspector


Malachite Crystal Wallpaper Mural

Grandidierite design inspector
grandidierite-crystals-square-wall mural-kj


Grandidierite Crystal Wallpaper Mural