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Our responsibility

Illustration of staff at Hovia working and creating new wallpaper designs Creating spaces that are kind to people and the planet is central to everything we do. We all know we can be doing better to live and work more sustainably, so we’ve committed to continually reviewing the environmental impact at each stage of our product lifecycle to ensure we’re doing it as responsibly as possible.

Hovia x National Autistic Society

Ahead of World Autism Acceptance Week (27 March to 2 April), we’re partnering with the National Autistic Society to create wallpaper for people who experience hypersensitivity in their daily lives.

We’ve reimagined four of our most popular murals in aid of the UK's leading autism charity. Using soft blues, greens, neutrals and pinks, each design incorporates only one colour for minimal visual stimulation, and the shades fade gradually from light to dark in a calming wash of watercolour paints.

Here’s what our Head of Design, Catherine Jacob, has to say about the collection, ‘Responses to colours are subjective, and no two people experience the world in the same way. For these murals, we used shades and designs that we understand many people dealing with hypersensitivity will appreciate, but we know they may not be colours that all autistic people will enjoy. I recommend looking through different wallpaper colours to find something that resonates with you. And, when choosing a mural for somebody else, show the design to them and get their opinion.'

Along with an initial donation of £500 from Hovia, 15% of proceeds from sales of all four murals on our UK site will go to the charity. We’re hoping to raise £4,400 or more with this partnership by the end of 2023 to support the work of the National Autistic Society and celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week.

You can shop the collection on our site now. Look out for the ‘Do good’ label to find designs from the partnership and refresh your home while donating to a good cause!

Hovia will donate 15% of the proceeds from the sales of all four murals of this collection on its UK site to the National Autistic Society (England & Wales charity no. 269425 and SC039427 in Scotland). The total contribution is estimated to be £4,400.

Our carbon footprint

We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020 (hooray!). We partnered with climate solution experts BeZero to review our emissions and create a high quality portfolio of carbon offsetting projects. Across South America, Africa and Asia, we support initiatives in forest protection, peatland restoration, methane avoidance, and fruit tree re-vegetation. 
For every wallpaper we design, print and ship, we remove the equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere that we emit.
We’ve always cared about our environmental impact. Since we were founded in 2010, we’ve kept sustainability front of mind in every element of our work. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but know there is lots more to do.

Illustration of Hovia customers ordering, hanging and enjoying their new wallpaper


We’re proud to supply people with the means to create their dream spaces. Our designers feel good coming up with the latest ideas and our customers feel good once they see their creative vision becoming a reality.
We partner with charities worldwide to bring the joy of great design to people who need it most.
We’re also working towards our B Corp certification to give our amazing team the best working conditions and ensure we’re operating to the highest possible social and environmental standards.

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Products & materials 
The paper we use is FSC certified and our inks and toners are non-toxic.
All of our packaging is 100% plastic-free.
Distribution & storage
As we print our wallpaper to order, we don’t need big warehouses to store stock. This means we create very little waste and don’t use excess energy, woohoo! Read more on this below.
Using the DHL Go Green offset programme, we offset our largest carbon contributor (the emissions from distributing our products) and are investing in projects that strive to address carbon emissions through avoidance.
Energy & waste
We use 100% renewable energy in our office, including to power our website servers.
We recycle our ink cartridges to stop them ending up in landfill and we’re constantly reviewing our use of plastics to reduce and remove them completely where possible.

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