Botanical Wallpaper

Browse a bountiful collection of botanical wallpaper like no other. We love creating botanical wall murals that give you an immersive space filled with nature-inspired design. Looking for a modern botanical wallpaper to match your tastes and help you relax? Discover our on-trend range of leaf and jungle murals in soothing pastels and neutral colours. Or, a dark botanical wallpaper might be more your style - with rich tones to transform a bland bathroom or bedroom. You’ll easily find a wall design that will get your interior feeling energised and full of life, too, with a green botanical wallpaper or a playful floral pattern. Whether you brighten up the kitchen with a stylish fruit design, or bring a beautiful air of sophistication to the living room with a vintage botanical wallpaper, shop our wallpapers and Self Adhesive murals and make your vision happen.

Botanical Wallpaper

69 designs
Oasis design inspector


Tropical Plants Jungle Landscape Wallpaper Mural

Wildflower design inspector


Bright Lilac & Green Watercolour Wildflower Wallpaper Mural

 Herbaceous design inspector
Vertical Garden Floral Wallpaper Mural


Vertical Garden Floral Wallpaper Mural

Redouté design inspector
dusty pink and teal vintage tropical minimalist wallpaper mural


Dusty Pink & Teal Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural

Citrus design inspector
Lemons pattern wallpaper mural


Lemon Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Banana design inspector
Banana Pattern Wallpaper Mural


Tropical Banana Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Hedera design inspector


Ivy Covered Wallpaper Mural

Ivy design inspector


Wall of Green Ivy Wallpaper Mural

Redouté Green design inspector
green vintage tropical minimalist wallpaper mural

Redouté Green

Green Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural

Deliciosa design inspector


Green Monstera Leaf Line Drawing Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Cayenne design inspector
colourful vintage tropical pattern wallpaper mural


Colourful Vintage Tropical Pineapple Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Eden design inspector


Living Wall Green House Plants Wallpaper Mural

Entomon design inspector
Dragonfly Illustration Wallpaper Mural


Dragonfly Illustration Wallpaper Mural

Panare Blue design inspector
blue pineapple pattern wallpaper mural

Panare Blue

Blue Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Organico design inspector


Living Wall Green House Plants Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Atkins design inspector
anna atkins the botanist square wall mural


Anna Atkins Cyanotype Floral Leaf Wallpaper Mural

Panare design inspector
white and grey pineapple pattern wallpaper mural


White & Grey Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Kalamata Pink design inspector
dusty pink ancient greek olive branch pattern wallpaper mural

Kalamata Pink

Dusty Pink Ancient Greek Olive Branch Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Redouté Dark design inspector
dark blue & green tropical jungle plants wallpaper mural

Redouté Dark

Dark Blue & Green Tropical Jungle Plants Wallpaper Mural

Zealand design inspector
light pastel inky tropical pattern wallpaper mural


Light Pastel Inky Tropical Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Citrullus design inspector
Watermelon pattern wallpaper mural


Watermelon Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Soothe design inspector
minimalist pink & green inky tropical wallpaper mural


Minimalist Pink & Green Inky Tropical Wallpaper Mural

Redouté Pink design inspector
pastel pink and green vintage tropical wallpaper mural

Redouté Pink

Pastel Pink & Green Vintage Tropical Wallpaper Mural

Limon design inspector
yellow lemon modern repeat pattern wallpaper


Yellow Lemon Modern Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Juicy design inspector
Pear Fruit Pattern Wallpaper Mural


Pear Fruit Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Florist design inspector
pressed flower repeat pattern wallpaper


Pressed Flower Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Florist Pink design inspector
pink pressed flower repeat pattern wallpaper

Florist Pink

Pink Pressed Flower Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Wildflower Pink design inspector
bright pink and green watercolor wildflower wallpaper mural

Wildflower Pink

Bright Pink & Green Watercolour Wildflower Wallpaper Mural

Palm House design inspector
watercolour botanical greenhouse wallpaper mural

Palm House

Watercolour Botanical Greenhouse Wallpaper Mural

Foxglove Pink design inspector
pink foxglove and forget me not flower garden wallpaper mural

Foxglove Pink

Pink Foxglove & Forget Me Not Flower Garden Wallpaper Mural

Honua design inspector
green palm leaf repeat pattern wallpaper


Green Palm Leaf Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Odonata design inspector


Blue Insect Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Redouté Monochrome design inspector
greyscale vintage tropical plants wallpaper mural

Redouté Monochrome

Greyscale Vintage Tropical Plants Wallpaper Mural