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9 Japanese Wallpaper & Decor Styling Ideas

Below, we’ve curated an amazing selection of Japanese wallpaper designs and decor pieces to bring you lots of easy ideas for creating some beautiful small spaces you’ll love to admire.

Start scrolling and grab some new aesthetic ideas for your home…


Zen corner

Take a look around your home, and find a room corner that’s currently going to waste. It’s easy to turn this small space into a relaxing reading nook or an everyday escape with a few simple decor pieces. We’ve created one here, with a Japanese-style sideboard, comfortable floor cushion, and one of our zen garden-inspired murals, ‘Satori Sage‘. 


Traditional beauty

Giving a nod to vintage Japanese style with your bedroom decor is a breeze. Choose a simple wooden bed frame and neutral bedding to keep things looking minimal and clean (Marie Kondo would be proud).   The eye-catching feature of this room is the ‘Azaleas‘ wall mural as the backdrop. It’s a piece of old Japanese photography that was coloured in soft blue and cream tones using a traditional technique. 


Down to earth

Low furniture is commonplace in Japanese culture. Tables with short legs and cushions to sit down on can give you a new perspective of your space and make your home feel more expansive by adding a new small area to sit and relax.   We’ve put together this low-down reading and tea break space and turned it into an even more Japanese-inspired look with a beautiful cranes wall mural, originally painted by Kamisaka Sekka.



Who doesn’t love the satisfying feeling of watching calligraphy ink being painted onto paper with soft, sweeping brush strokes?   We created a small collection of hand-painted wall murals inspired by Japanese calligraphy (known as ‘shodo’), and the black ‘Shuji‘ one makes a bold, artistic impact behind a bed headboard. 


Ancient art

This sitting area inspiration goes all-out with its ‘Japandi’ aesthetic. Modern Japanese decor has become a timeless trend – with stylish pieces like this woven rattan chair.  The cherry blossom wallpaper in the background sets the scene. It’s made to resemble traditional Japanese panels – particularly the red cherry blossoms, which are traditional in ancient oriental art.


Sakura season

Bring the outdoors into your interiors – the Japanese wallpaper way. A pink cherry blossom mural like this one will frame a small space, so you can sit and sip some tea underneath the famous blossom trees of Japan.    Here, we’ve created a simple sitting and meditation area in a room by simply pairing the mural with a bench, cushion, and a decorative plant. It’s so easy to do in any room where you have some extra space. 


Fuji feature wall

Mt. Fuji is one of the most iconic views in Japan. If you’re styling a room with Japanese culture and aesthetics in mind, a nod to the famous mountain is pretty much a must. We’ve turned this colorful Kamisaka art piece into a mural, so you can place it anywhere in your home. Here, it looks great as a headboard backdrop. 


Japandi harmony

‘Japandi’ is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian decor styles that’s grown and grown in popularity. It’s simple to see why everyone adores this mashup – it’s a combination of two relaxing, minimal, and welcoming styles that are easy to decorate with.    Here, we’ve created a perfect pairing of neutral Scandi bedroom decor with a dusty pink wall mural named ‘Zen’, which is inspired by Japanese zen gardens. Give Japandi a try in one of your rooms, too. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Make waves

‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Hokusai is an iconic piece of art – you’ve probably seen it many times in your life. As well as designing our own unique wallpapers, we also like to bring beloved artworks like this to life as large-scale murals.   This mural is a simple one-step way to bring some traditional Japanese style into your space and create a breath-taking feature wall while you’re at it. 

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