Rainbow Wallpaper

When looking to introduce vibrant colour to your space, a rainbow wallpaper is a brilliant choice, and great solution when you can’t decide on a colour theme. Explore our collection of kids rainbow wallpaper & murals that includes cool rainbow stripes, rainbow ombre, or rainbow and cloud wallpapers for your child’s nursery or bedroom. Brighten up your space today with colourful pastel rainbows within your wallpaper design, perfect for inviting a positive aura to your space, that will brighten up everyone’s day. Why not open up a world of adventure with our fairytale wallpaper or maybe add a bit of magic with our princess wallpaper.
11 designs
Garland design inspector


Kids Pastel Rainbow Mural Wallpaper

Alba design inspector
black and white modern painted rainbow repeat pattern wallpaper


Black & White Rainbow Wallpaper

Alice design inspector
Rainbow Raindrops Mural Wallpaper


Rainbow Raindrops Mural Wallpaper

Juno design inspector
earthy hand-painted rainbow kids repeat pattern wallpaper


Earthy Hand-Painted Rainbow Wallpaper

Raincoat design inspector
cute colourful hand painted rainbow repeat pattern wallpaper


Hand-Painted Rainbow Pattern Wallpaper

Daze design inspector
Rainbow Ombre Wallpaper Mural


Rainbow Ombre Wallpaper Mural

August design inspector
orange neutral hand-painted rainbow repeat pattern wallpaper


Orange Rainbow Wallpaper

Betsy design inspector
Nursery Rainbow Mural Wallpaper


Nursery Rainbow Mural Wallpaper

Eliza design inspector
Rainbow Brick Mural Wallpaper


Rainbow Brick Mural Wallpaper

Dolly design inspector
Pastel Rainbow Raindrop Wallpaper


Pastel Rainbow Raindrop Wallpaper

Garland (personalized) design inspector
personalised kids pastel rainbow wallpaper mural

Garland (personalized)

Personalised Rainbow Mural Wallpaper