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Show your home some love: 8 amazing accent walls in real homes

Here at Hovia, our customers are a creative bunch. We’re always excited to see people share their wonderfully styled rooms with us on Instagram, and we like to shout about them.


The spaces we spend our time in deserve attention and adoration. So, for Valentine’s Day, we decided to ditch the chocolates and spread the love for homes.


Below, eight people show off their wallpapered rooms — telling us what their room means to them, how they make decor decisions, why they chose their wall design, and more.


Let’s show some love for these #hoviahome creations!

I love this room as, since it’s MY office, I had full creative license over its final look, with no intervention from my husband! It’s a true reflection of my personal style and brings together aspects of my job as a travel agency owner: the travel hats on the wall, a few travel books, my hotel concierge bell on the side and of course my map wallpaper.



I always dreamed of having my own home office and when I eventually did I always wanted a world map on my back wall, behind my desk. Not only does it provide a great background when I’m either presenting or on video calls but it’s educational and I regularly refer to it when piecing together travel itineraries.




I love flowers and colors. And murals like this are perfect for finding the colors for the rest of the room. The living room here is 2 types of pink. And it is kind of a hobby-apartment, so my goal was to create a room for inspiration and creativity. And it worked.



When scrolling through the Hovia page, this one made me stop. The print, the colors and flowers was perfect for me. And this is also the first ever wallpaper I have put on any wall, and it was easier then I thought.




This is one of the first rooms we decorated when we moved in and we haven’t done a lot but it’s made a huge difference. I love the wall colour (Peignoir) which looks pink in sunshine and grey on an overcast day. I wanted a room that was calming to be in, so the forest mural, the pale wood floor and the wall colour all contribute to this. Plus we already had the sky blue sofa so everything had to work with this.



We wanted a mural that made a statement but without being too brightly coloured and I loved the detail of the tree, so that’s why we picked Hackfall. It’s perfect for the room and really does make that statement we were after.




It was super important for our primary bath makeover to truly be something a colorful maximalist like me, and a neutral minimalist like my husband, could BOTH love. Major bathroom renovations are expensive, so this wasn’t the time to just “let my freak flag fly”. And I’m so thankful for that, because this bathroom ended up setting the tone for discovering my true design style.



A fusion of chic and modern statement pieces, paired with unexpected color and pattern combinations! This space allowed my husband to feel calm and zen with the earth tone color palette, and made me feel inspired with the fusion of color and patterns!




Anyone else have a house covered in wallpaper growing up? We had wallpaper evvvverywhere, including a deer mural in the basement with a bunch of trees. I decided we needed a mural in our own house too!



My Mom used to get her brother to come hang wallpaper at our place, but I didn’t see either of my brothers rushing over, so my girls and I spent a good chunk of the day hanging this up. A nod to the view we get to enjoy on our drive home.




What do I love about this room? Its small but well formed as toilets have to be. Adding an impact on the walls is a very easy way to instantly add personality to such a wee space. We know what goes on in a room such as this so why not give ourselves something like this design to get lost in.



The monochrome picks up on queues from the rest of the house’s interior theme and the pop of colourful art brings it all to life. The free form pattern is oversized which is the perfect juxtaposition to the small proportions of the room. The feeling of the shapes expresses movement and depth.




I’d been lusting after this wall mural for at least a year so happy we could find a spot in the home to use it. We call this room “the forest” – it’s actually the landing on the loft level so not really a room as such.



It’s just outside the guest bedroom and the idea was to give our guests a little place to sit and relax – and by guests I was really thinking of my now late father who we had hoped would be spending a lot of time with us. However after his passing we decided to keep to the plans and this has become quiet area “away from it all” for sitting, reading, sulking and a little bit of organising.



@housethateveryonebuilt, 📷@mybespokeroom

We chose this mural because of its tranquil greens and because it evokes a sense of leafy forest. It transmits us restful vibes which in turn helps to create an overall feeling of wellness 😊



In terms of the room, we love that it has become a place where we not only cleanse our bodies but also our mind and that it helps us balance out the stress of our every day life (and believe me, being a mom and working at the same time can be really stressful).