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Paper Types

We know the importance of good paper. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious finish, or a cost effective way of sprucing up an under appreciated space, our selection of paper types have been hand picked to offer the best for all budgets. Below we’ve explained a bit more about our two paper options to help you work out which one is the one for you.

Medium Image


Our most popular paper type. Our medium paper is a non-woven paper, breathable by nature and stronger gram for gram than standard papers. With a softly-textured feel our medium paper boasts:

  • Sharp print definition with a satin finish
  • Excellent colour vibrancy
  • Easy installation and DIY friendly
  • Wipe-clean surface
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Non-toxic inks and toners
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced
  • Breathable material helps prevent moisture locking and the build up of damp
  • 45cm (17.7in) wide strips each made to your height (+1-2% excess)
  • Fire rated

A selection of our designs are sold as 10m repeat pattern rolls, providing for an easy, traditional installation. All of these are printed on our medium paper, so boast the same qualities. You will see a calculator on each of our designs that are offered as repeat pattern wallpapers to help you decide how many rolls you need.

Heavy Image


Our heavy paper is a paper-backed vinyl offering excellent durability and an embossed, canvas-like textured feel. A great choice for areas prone to spills, scuffs and scratches such as kitchens, playrooms and commercial spaces. Our heavy paper offers:

  • Soft print definition with a matte finish
  • Medium colour vibrancy
  • Overlap and double cut installation method makes for cleaner, tighter seams
  • Vinyl top layer makes it wipe clean, strong against greasy spills and prevents stains
  • Extremely durable
  • Non-toxic inks and toners
  • Embossed, canvas-like texture cleverly disguises knocks and scratches
  • Wide format strips provided in equal widths of up to 1.2m (47.2in) each made to your height (+1-2% excess)
  • Fire rated
Peel & Stick Image

Peel & Stick

No paste required. Simply peel off the back off each strip and stick to the wall. This is a light fabric wallpaper that’s suitable for rented spaces, and is an easy-to-apply alternative to traditional wallpaper. We take pride in our Self Adhesive wallpaper’s traits:

– Durable and impossible to tear
– Wipe-clean surface
– Excellent colour vibrancy
– Non-toxic inks and toners
– Water resistant
– Environment friendly and PVC free
– Luxurious, lightly-textured material
– Woven polyester fabric with adhesive backing
– Resistant to scratches
– Soft print definition with a satin finish
– No-mess installation and DIY friendly
– Suitable for short or long term use
– Fire rated

The Self Adhesive option is currently available for our custom-fit mural products only (not available for our repeat pattern wallpapers).

Thoughtfully made

Our wallpapers are made to order which means minimal waste. Almost all of our materials and packaging are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly and we’re improving the rest

Durable papers that are wipe clean.
High quality print and colour accuracy.
Easy installation with step by step guidance.