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At Hovia we are dedicated to enriching environments, so we were delighted when Ted Baker chose our commercial grade wallpaper as the backdrop of their in-store refresh. Meaningful retail experience has become crucial to see stores thrive and survive, so working together, we set out to ensure that their customers would be blown away when the doors reopened, after the pandemic lockdown.   During a tough time for retail, the British formal and occasion wear label worked proactively to establish a deeper connection between the brand and their customers, creating an in-store experience that oozes the same luxury feel of their products:

“By invigorating the look and feel of our stores, our aim is to engage customers in a refreshing shopping experience. We wanted to offer something new after a long period of our high-street shops being closed.”

Working with a distinctive style-focused client like Ted Baker aligned perfectly with our modern approach to wallpaper. With our world leading collection, we are able to offer great choice, design and quality for our clients:

“We chose to work with Hovia because we wanted to have a large range of choice to begin our store refresh. We loved the high-quality look and feel of their wallpaper and murals and how it could make a huge impact for low cost.”

And that’s exactly what we aim to do. Unlike the traditional industry model, we own the end-to-end journey of our wallpaper. This allows us ultimate control over quality and consistency of our product and customer experience and ensures that our prices remain fair.

Ted Baker chose two mural designs from our Ombre collection, a trend prominent in the fashion world as well as a classy and stylish wallpaper for commercial retail space. Reflecting on their choice for the stores, our Head of Design Catherine Jacobs says:

“Ombre wallpapers have become an interior design staple due to their impressive colours and creative styling. Ted Baker chose our Ocean Mist Blue Ombre Wallpaper Mural, which brings both a meditative calm and luxury feel to their customer experience. The textural layers used in the design bring a comforting atmosphere to the space, whilst the fade between colours is a nod to the eye-catching style Ted Baker is renowned for.”

Our made to order approach allows us to create a wide variety of exciting designs, whilst ensuring we can be the first to market with the latest trends and ideas. This gives our customers the option to customise, having the freedom to achieve a truly unique commercial wallpaper for retail. After all, a space that reflects your brand, builds consumer confidence:

“We had a quick and helpful experience working with Hovia. Always quick to reply to queries and open to our requests. Following the success of our first fit out on Regent St, we are looking to implement their commercial wallpaper across more of our stores. The products have transformed the space, bringing an up to date, deluxe feel.”


Whilst Hovia is digital at our core, we love working with retailers and want to see more stores opening in our towns and cities, rather than shutting. If you’d like to discuss more about how Hovia’s commercial grade wallpaper can transform your customer’s retail experience, our experienced team would love to hear from you.

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