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4 Matisse Inspired Wallpapers For A Creative Kitchen

There’s no denying that abstract shapes on home furnishings and accessories have become an exciting interior design trend, and it is the late Henri Matisse, an icon in modern art, who advocated this alternative medium in the 1930s. This bespoke collection of wallpaper celebrates Henri Matisse cutouts in a current way, allowing you to capture the innocence and creativity of ‘drawing with scissors’ in your space.

Blue and Brown Cut Out shape Wallpaper

Blue & Brown Rustic Abstract Shapes Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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The playful nature of the cutout collection mirrors the naive, child-like imagination explored by Matisse when creating his own designs. Matisse described the creative process as ‘drawing with scissors’ and enjoyed ‘cutting directly into color’, and these unique murals represent this, combining his art with modern earthy tones. Styled in subtle Scandi kitchens, the bold abstract murals take centre stage, inviting a fun sense of creative freedom to the heart of the home.

Navy and Brown Abstract Shape Wallpapper

Navy & Brown Abstract Shapes Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Each shape within this Henri Matisse wallpaper has been created by hand and the result is perfectly, imperfect; you might even spot the designer’s playful interpretation of kitchenware including abstract pots and bowls, contributing to the candid charm of the designs. Often the social hub of the home, the kitchen is a perfect setting for this cutout art wallpaper that celebrates the joy of expressing yourself in fun and stimulating ways.

Pastel Cut Out Shape Wallpaper

Pastel Rustic Abstract Shapes Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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So why not challenge traditional kitchen wall design with this unique Matisse-inspired collection, which offers a rudimental take on trendy tile or terrazzo wallpaper with fun abstract shapes instead? Although the collection has been styled here in Scandi kitchens, the versatility of the designs and color palette allows them to suit a range of spaces

Navy and Neutral Cut Out Shape Wallpaper

Navy & Neutral Abstract Shapes Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $56.00

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