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5 Tropical Wallpaper Ideas That Create A Summer Glow

The tropical theme is an ever trending look within interiors, offering vibrant and refreshing design that’s great for contemporary spaces. This new collection of dark tropical wallpapers is perfect for your summer decor update, transporting you to a warm summer’s night with deep opulent tones. From deep blue and purple to more classic green hues, the designs offer a unique take on tropicals, reminding you of summers evenings you never want to forget.

blue dark tropical wallpaper

Blue Banana Leaf Bird of Paradise Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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purple banana leaf tropical wallpaper

Purple Banana Leaf Pattern Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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The dark tones and scale of the banana leaves in each design immerse you in the tropical theme, making them a great option for a chilled, but statement, living room decor. Sit beneath the tropical twilight and enjoy the warmth exuded by the rich purple hues.

green banana leaf wallpaper

Tropical Green Banana Leaf Bird of Paradise Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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blue banana leaf pattern wallpaper

Blue Banana Leaf Pattern Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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Swapping luscious green leaves for dark tropicals will help create that unique and sophisticated theme you desire, perfect for statement bathrooms with subtle furniture. Or, if you have a large space you wish to make more cosy, the dark tones will bring your theme together, welcoming the warmth and lushness of summer to your home. These murals also offer a great base colour palette to furnish your room around. Pull out the punchy pinks and burnt yellows from the flower motifs and treat yourself to some bright accessories; think colourful cushions, throws and statement light fittings.


Tropical Plants Jungle Landscape Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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Tropical leaf design is a trend that has been popular within the interiors scene for some time, however these murals celebrate the style in a fresh and current way, perfect for bold themes.