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Create The Perfect Sanctuary In Your Home With Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper

The bathroom is often a place of sanctuary for the body and mind within the home, and this can be encouraged with fresh and natural décor choices such as botanical themed wallpaper. With statement leaf prints and natural shades, this liveable collection allows you to bring the calm and beauty of nature into your own space. Whether you prefer traditional leafy green tones or something brighter, this bespoke collection offers a new lease of life for your bathroom.

peach chic vintage tropical wallpaper

Peach Chic Vintage Tropical Pattern Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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House plants in the bathroom has become a popular trend as it can be a great way to increase the freshness of the space; so why not bring them to your walls too. Caring for house plants may not suit your busy lifestyle, so creating a lush botanical garden on your walls instead can be the perfect solution. With minimal peach and green tones and a vintage aesthetic, the Botanist design is a great way to achieve botanical bathroom décor. Although the design is full of depth and character, the light tones will keep your room feeling calm and indeed, the perfect escape from day to day life.

green vintage tropical wallpaper

Green Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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Feel like you’re wandering through a real life jungle with the elegant Redouté Green mural. With large scale leaves and flowers inspired by the botanical illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, you can’t help but be all-consumed with beauty of the design as it transports you to pure utopia. Bathroom interiors don’t have to be simple and this bespoke design allows you to experiment with bold prints, and trending tones to create a personal space that reflects your unique style.

green vintage minimalist wallpaper

Green Chic Vintage Tropical Pattern Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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This vintage botanical wallpaper combines the freshness of nature with a sophisticated aesthetic, adding to the timeless feel of the designs. The wallpapers avoid being too garish with the use of tasteful tones of green and complimenting pinks and peaches to create a collection that evades the test of time. Botanist Green offers a more rich and luxurious style, perfect for those who wish to make a statement with their interior choice.

dust pink vintage tropical wallpaper

Pink & Teal Vintage Tropical Wall Mural - $75.00

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Effortlessly create the perfect escape in your own home with botanical wallpaper for bathrooms, and enjoy the beauty of nature as it adorns your walls. With a fresh, liveable color palette, this collection will transform your space while remaining elegant and sophisticated.