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8 Small Yoga & Meditation Space Ideas For Your Home

You can DIY your own mini yoga studio or create a comfy meditation corner at home with just a few decorative details. It’s an easy home project to give a go, and totally worth the results.   We’ve put together some wow-worthy yoga room and meditation space ideas below that are simple to achieve. All you need is a wallpaper and a few decor items. You’ll see why below!


Daily dedication

If you’ve got a corner of your living room or bedroom that isn’t being put to much use, try turning it into a practical space to practice your poses with some yoga room decor!   A yoga-themed wallpaper like this ‘Sukhasana’ design will separate your yoga space from the rest of your room, allowing you to devote a small area of your home to daily yoga and meditation.


Zen den

It’s easy to craft your own ‘zen den’ with an assortment of simple decor pieces. This meditation room idea includes a Himalayan salt lamp, incense stick, candle, potted succulent, floor cushion, and crystal wallpaper.    We love designing wallpapers that help people achieve a certain style or mindset in their space. This quartz crystal pattern in a zen meditation zone, will create a mindset of mindfulness, positive energy, and appreciation for nature’s wonders.


Starry savasana

Sweat, stretch, or simply chill in your yoga space by dedicating a small corner of your bedroom to a morning and nighttime flow.    We put our ‘Celestial’ design on this wall. It pairs a night sky of calming constellations with a fresh blue color, which makes it an ideal environment for a relaxing savasana any time of day.


Home spa vibes

It’s easy to find zen feelings in your own bamboo garden. We’ve paired this simple Japanese-style bench, cushion, and throw with a watercolour bamboo wallpaper that will surround you in nature.  This zen space is a simple meditation corner idea where it’ll be easy to find peace and focus transporting your mind elsewhere.


Creative corner

Creating a ‘yoga corner’ for yourself is an easy and satisfying update to your room, and it’ll give you a designated space to unwind and stretch.   This corner is created using a spiritual wallpaper inspired by palmistry, to pattern the walls in a design that matches the peace and mindfulness of the space.


Home yogi

Decorate with yoga-inspired wallpaper and accessories to turn a small spare room into your own home yoga studio.   Here, we pair a pink yoga mat with green plants, natural bamboo and woven materials pots, and our abstract ‘Pose’ wall mural. The result is on-trend, energizing, and encourages restorative movement.


Painted peace

Your home environment will affect your mood – such as how clean your space is, and what colors surround you. So it’s good to be mindful of your decor choices. If you want to create a corner that’ll help quell feelings of anxiety, this space is a great example.    The furniture and decorations are minimal, and the watercolor wallpaper has a relaxing range of blue tones and lets your mind escape to a landscape of mountains and fresh air.


Crystal cave

You don’t need a full home gym or studio to find the perfect place to enjoy your daily yoga or meditation session.   Use a photographic wall mural like this ‘Celeste’ design to create a calming crystal cave in any room corner! You’ll have a tranquil new environment to unwind in, especially if you add in some twinkling fairy lights, relaxing scents, soft music, and a couple of plants.  

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