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5 Wallpaper Ideas To Maximise Your Hallway Space

Who says inspiring modern interior decor can’t extend to hallways as well as in the main rooms of the house. Although less time is spent here, the hallway is often the first space people see as they enter your home, so why not make a lasting impression. This curated selection of murals have been chosen to jazz up your hallway, introducing contemporary design to increase the impact of the space, as well as tying all the corners of your house together.

Blue circuit wallpaper

Blue Circuit Design Geometric Striped Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $70.00

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Navy Blue Two-Tone Wave Effect Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Hallways, like any room of a home, are very versatile and come in all different shapes and sizes, so you want to make sure that you are utilizing the space you have. Wallpaper is the perfect design solution for hallways, as they are beautiful to look at and add texture and depth to your space. The Circuit and Tone designs are great examples of how a mural can inject real interior flair into your hallway, without compromising on floor space.

Black & Beige Abstract Line Art Wall Mural - $70.00

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peach and green ombre fade wallpaper

Peach & Turquoise Fade Ombre Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Simplicity is the way forward when styling a smaller space, and a mural creates an opportunity to go simple, without necessarily going minimal. Adding a beautifully designed piece of art to your walls can completely transform your space, and give you a focal point to style around. Don’t feel like you have to hold back on accessorising, a room feels much more collected and pulled together with complementing furniture. These modern hallway ideas show how you can be practical with your styling, using stylish wooden furniture to complement your wallpaper.

retro geometric wallpaper

Nico Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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This modern wallpaper has completely enhanced the impact of the hallway, allowing your mural to take centre stage and control the atmosphere of the room. So why not get creative in your hallway and choose a design that compliments the interior styling in the rest of your home?