6 Amazing Wes Anderson Inspired Wallpaper Designs

Whether you’re a film fanatic or not, it’s easy to get entranced by the mesmerising aesthetics and colour palettes of Wes Anderson’s set styling over the last two decades. We're big fans of Wes Anderson's interior design choices in filmography here at Hovia, so we wanted to create a unique collection of wallpapers inspired by some of Wes Anderson's most beloved flicks. This collection captures the charm of his most iconic films, allowing anyone to achieve his quirky vintage aesthetic in their home decor. Discover the three unique wall murals below, as well as a range of even more delightfully Wes-inspired wallpapers...
Wes Anderson Inspired Butterfly Wallpaper With Repeat Butterfly Pattern

Vintage Monarch Butterfly Botanical Wallpaper Mural - £37.00/m2

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Moonrise Kingdom Wallpaper

Paying homage to Moonrise Kingdom is the vintage inspired Suzy, a butterfly wallpaper that has been designed with the vintage aesthetic and themes of curiosity and exploration within the film in mind. This captivating botanical wallpaper explores the topical idea of collecting and studying insects, plants and other flora, while inviting a piece of nature onto your walls.

Wallpaper Mural With A Pink Wood Panel Effect

Pink Rectangle Georgian Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper Mural - £37.00/m2

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Wallpaper

Another visually inspiring film by Wes Anderson is The Grand Budapest Hotel and it is the lavish interiors and grand architecture seen within the film that influenced the design of Agatha. This elegant wood effect wallpaper combines the sophisticated art deco style interiors seen within the hotel with the ever trending colour of dusky pink to inject a modern twist on a traditional panel style.

Wes Anderson Inspired Red Wallpaper With Tropical Leaf and Tiger Repeat Pattern

Wild Tiger Big Cat Tropical Leaves Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £114.00

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The Royal Tenenbaums Wallpaper

This diverse Wes Anderson wallpaper collection is completed with Margot, a maximalist inspired red wallpaper design featuring the opulent red tone seen throughout The Royal Tenenbaums film set. Margot has combined the vibrant colour palette used within the film with a stylish tropical design, allowing you to create a space full of life.

Green Geometric Wallpaper With A Thin Striped Loop Pattern

Green Geometric Thin Striped Loop Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £114.00

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Retro Wallpaper Mural With A Colourful Droplet Design

Wegner Colorful Retro Wallpaper Mural - £37.00/m2

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More designs to get the Anderson Aesthetic

Browse a wider range of quirky, retro-style designs in our Wes Anderson Wallpaper collection. This is a collection curated by us, featuring hand-picked wall murals and patterns that will help you create an eclectic, cinema-inspired space that you love.

Orange Floral Wallpaper With A Retro 70s Design

Orange Retro 70s Floral Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £114.00

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