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4 Motivational Wallpapers To Create An Inspiring Office Space

Empowerment has consistently been a hot topic in culture, design and social media, with feminist role models stepping up and representing the female voice more than ever. To celebrate the self-empowerment movement, these bespoke motivational wallpapers have been curated hoping to encourage people of all ages and genders to believe they can achieve their dreams.


Lets Do This’ Motivational Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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This motivational wallpaper features a beautiful tropical design, that will create an impact in any space, and the ‘Let’s Do This’ quote just adds to the power of the mural. If you’re looking to design an inspirational feature wall or introduce a hint of botanical to boost some freshness into your office space, this does both in a stylish way. This motivational wallpaper for girls, and boys alike, can completely transform your office space, encouraging productivity in a contemporary way.

Grow & Bloom wall mural in bedroom with work desk

Pink Floral Typography Quote Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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This wallpaper encourages you to keep growing and blooming at your own pace. Filled with energizing bright pastel tones that will refresh your wall and your mind, this mural is ideal for a light-hearted workspace space, wherever you set your desk up. This mural is made to brighten your day each day and inspire you with gentle motivation.

bold Bauhaus shapes wallpaper

Colourful Geometric Shapes Modern Bauhaus Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Dessau is a bold wallpaper print with clean lines and strong colour; perfect for an office feature wall. This geometric wallpaper is a great way to express confidence and passion in your space when working to achieve your dreams. As well as this, the print is a great way to make a statement with your interior, in a cool and contemporary way whilst allowing you to be quite subtle with your styling.

nude face line drawing wallpaper

Nude Large Line Drawing Face Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Finally, this impactful, abstract design is a perfect ‘girl boss’ print. With large faces all uniquely formed through line drawings, it’s a reflection of the power of being yourself. All of these impactful wallpapers are confident and inspiring designs to keep you motivated in your office.