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6 Inspiring Home Office Wallpaper Ideas for 2024

We’ve gathered together the best home office wallpaper ideas to show how a wallpaper can be used to transform the purpose and personality of a space, large or small. This selection shows how different designs complement different personality types and preferences, but all examples show how a mural can make working from home as inspiring, and comfortable, as possible. Create a space that you love to spend time in and you’ll find yourself with a fresh wave of motivation.


The outdoorsy type

Bring the outdoors in with fresh plants, scientifically proven to elevate mood by purifying the air you inhale. Pop a few plants around the room, or alternatively opt for green decor, like this forest mural, as according to the psychology of colours, green helps create a sense of calm and relaxation.


The focused professional

Stay focused at home with an organised environment that keeps your brain on the important things. Ensuring your office space is clean and uncluttered is one of the best ways to maintain concentration and avoid unnecessary distractions. Your decor can support this too, for example, this geometric wallpaper design is made up of precise angles, but light and calming tones.


The creative

For those of you who take inspiration from your surroundings, a more stimulating design will help keep those creative juices flowing. Experiment with playful colours, shapes and more adventurous designs to challenge your brain, and keep you feeling positive and encouraged when working from home.


The home yogi

If your working-from-home space also doubles up as your lunchtime yoga studio, choose a soothing print and mood-uplifting shades for your wall mural. This ombre design brings a calming, tranquil vibe to the space it occupies, as well as being an on-trend colour combo. Namaste.


The pet playmate

Not only will you be able to spend more time with your pet now you’re working from home, but you can also incorporate your love of animals into the perfect home office theme. This fun animal print wallpaper is an easy-to-style, modern design; a dog lover’s dream that will keep spirits high.


The explorer

For the grounded explorers, cure the wanderlust by bringing the world and all its colour into your home office. Not only is this world map design fun and bright – using some of the most current painting techniques – it will also inspire you to start planning your next adventure and bring back fond memories of past endeavours.

Whatever your personality, incorporating a feature wall mural into your home office or designated work space can be the perfect way to make the space feel distinctive and welcoming. You can really make the space your own, with a design that leaves you feeling uplifted and motivated, even when working alone.