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13 people tell us what their dream bedroom looks like

We asked our store visitors in a survey, “What type of style, theme, aesthetic, or mood are you trying to achieve in your home?” 

Below, 13 people tell us what their Dream Bedroom would look like – letting us in on their decor tastes, wallpaper choices, and how they want their bedroom to make them feel. 

We’ve brought their answers to life – creating their ideal bedroom spaces using some simple styling ideas that are easy to recreate. Read on to grab some great bedroom inspiration…


Romantic bedroom

“I want to create a clean, romantic look for our master bedroom. I want to put a mural of oversized flowers on the wall at the head of the bed to make you feel like you’re in a fantasy world.”


Peaceful bedroom

“I am trying to create a calm, peaceful space. Currently, I feel that my bedroom is cluttered with things that do not belong there. I want to remove all of it and create a space where I might actually sleep.”


Artist’s bedroom

“I want a bright, sunny, happy, bedroom with heaps of colour.  Lots of orange, pink, and yellow. A bit boho, artsy, and eclectic – like Frida Kahlo.”


Tropical bedroom

“Tropical. I grew up on an island, but moved to the city to work. I miss it, so I want my theme for my bedroom to be tropical. You can take the girl out of the island but you can’t take the island out of the girl!”


Floral bedroom

“My husband and I moved into our condo finally after living with his parents. I would love a big peony floral backdrop as an accent wall in our bedroom, because it’s so boring and I can’t take it anymore! I need to add colour and dimension and something gorgeous to make the bedroom pop.”


Forest bedroom

“Calm and witchy. I’ve always wanted to live in the forest, but have stuck around in a city. I would like to bring the forest inside. I’m looking for a forest wall mural, and I’ll have a reading nook in the corner where I can curl up all day and escape into my own little world.”


Relaxing bedroom

“A relaxing tropical feel with faded green leaves and plants. I’m going for simple design that’s not too over-crowded and busy, but instead creates a tropical environment which is calming and a place where I always want to be.”


Art Deco bedroom

“We’re aiming for an Art Deco vibe in our master bedroom. We have hints of modern furniture, with some eclectic pieces. We want it to be comfortable but fun at the same time. Somewhere we can look forward to going at the end of each day. We have light natural wood tones, and love pastel colours.”


Playful bedroom

“I am looking to decorate the second bedroom of my apartment, which I want to be a cozy, warm guest / relaxation room. But in the near future, we would like it to be a baby room. I’d love a wall decorated in warm, sunny colors. Maybe a playful pattern in cream, yellow, and blue that would be suitable for a kids’ space and a joyful adults’ room.”


Calm bedroom

‘Trying to achieve a relaxing environment for my bedroom with a modern design. Not looking for anything that is busy looking or stressful to the eyes. I want something that will be a breath of fresh air.’


Japanese bedroom

“I’m designing a bedroom with a Japanese style. Elegant, with some touches of brass metal. I’m thinking Japanese cranes in flight in the moonlight. I want to create a sense of relaxation and serenity in the room.”


Eclectic bedroom

“The room I’m decorating at the moment is my bedroom. I want the design and aesthetics to embrace me with a sense of belonging and calmness, and be a cozy and relaxing safe space. The wallpaper should be colourful but not fight for the center of attention. It should be subtle, like an understated jewel. A watercolor wall design will do this best this in my eyes.”


Cosy bedroom

“I’m trying to make a cosy, earth-toned bedroom where I can relax, work, and make art. I want it to feel clean but lived in and functional, with a feature wall that adds warmth and depth without adding visual clutter.”

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