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5 Cottagecore Style Wallpapers For Your Home

If quaint cottages, botanical folklore, and running through flower-filled meadows sounds like your kind of thing, Cottagecore may be the perfect aesthetic for you and your home.

Cozy-up your interior design with these five whimsical wallpapers and modern decor ideas, and find out how to live the Cottagecore life.

Cream & Pink Rose Vintage Floral Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Sleepy cottage garden

Cottagecore is heavily inspired by nature so, naturally, green tones are key to the style. Add in some dusky pink tones with a floral wallpaper, and you have this charming rose and daisy garden growing in your bedroom to satisfy your cottage cravings.

Vintage Butterfly Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Blissful butterflies

Delicate garden creatures like butterflies are a Cottagecore staple. This butterfly wallpaper brings an air of botany and whimsy with it, and looks great paired with stylishly vintage, Mid-Century furniture.

Don’t forget to place potted plants around the room to give your space even more of a wildlife garden vibe. 

Losse floral wallpaper Cottagecore style room

Pink & Red Roses Vintage Floral Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Blushed boudoir

Hang your favorite Cottagecore fashion from a clothes rail with a wallpaper like this as your backdrop, and your room will feel like a fairytale in no time. The reds and blushed pinks of this flower-filled wallpaper will wrap your room up in a rosy haze that’s utterly enchanting.

Botanist Cottagecore style powder bathroom

Peach Chic Vintage Tropical Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £39.00

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Nostalgic powder room

Try adding a bit of a tropical twist to your Cottagecore home with a more exotic plant print. The powder green and peach pink tones of this bathroom are a dreamy nostalgic delight, and prove that you can cottage-up any room of the house!

Foxglove fairy flower Cottagecore style nurseryroom

Foxglove & Forget Me Not Flower Garden Wallpaper Mural - £39.00

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Nature-filled nursery

You can easily immerse every room of your house in Cottagecore or Fairycore goodness with the right wallpapers – and a nursery is no exception. This pastel green, purple and yellow wallpaper features a cute pattern of foxglove and forget-me-not flowers, giving the nursery a countryside feel and a bright meadow view.