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Green Abstract Watercolor Paint Wallpaper Mural

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Our Thicket wallpaper mural has a thoroughly unique pattern. To create this mural design, we added watercolor paint and lots of water to paper, scrunched plastic wrap over the top, then left it to dry. We layered rich green tones on top to resemble lush mossy textures. If you look at moss fibers under a microscope, it’ll look a little something like this! The Thicket mural will help you create a darker room and add more depth to your decor. Bring these natural green tones and textures into the bedroom as a deeply calming accent wall. Or make this wallpaper the backdrop to your living room, for a forest-inspired space that’s soothing on the eyes.

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If you make a mistake while installing your mural we’ll send you a full replacement, completely free.

When we say that our murals are easy to install, we mean it. In fact, we’re so sure of it, we provide a full installation guarantee for all murals, meaning you can achieve your dream space with confidence. Learn more.

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