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5 Millennial Pink Wallpapers To Create A Hot Pink Interior

Millennial Pink has been one of the hottest color trends in recent years and has graced both the fashion and interiors scene. Starting as a trend with millennials, it has now grown ever present within interiors for all age ranges and design styles. As a versatile tone, this collection displays some of the looks you can achieve with the color, as well as decorating tips to help you get the most out of this popular tone.

pink paint brush strokes wallpaper

Peach & Black Paint Brush Strokes Abstract Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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dusky pink terrazzo wallpaper

Dusky Pink Terrazzo Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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Millennial pink is a playful tone that’s perfect for experimenting with fun patterns and contemporary design. With so many stylish hues and complimenting colours including black, white and grey, Chaos and Chip show the versatility of the tone and how it can remain playful yet not overpowering. The subtle hues within the design offer depth and character, perfect for spaces where you wish to express you creative style such as the hallway or bedroom.

Features Dusky Pink in home office room

Large Dusty Pink Face Drawing Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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rose crystal wallpaper

Rose Crystal Wallpaper Mural - $75.00

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Millennial pink is a colour that also allows the freedom to be daring with print. Co-ordinating millennial pink with geometric design for example, is a great modern option, and will effortlessly update your room. Millennial pink is one of the few shades that can complement busier feature walls and can handle the more daring designs without feeling too maximalist.

pink hand pattern wallpaper

Pink Hand Pattern Cosmic Symbols Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $75.00

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Incorporating a bright pink or the more subtle shade of millennial pink into your room theme is a great way to keep your decor fresh and on trend. Keep it simple with a subtle terrazzo pattern, or more daring with a geometric print. Whatever you decide, compare and contrasting the tone with whites, greys and blacks is the perfect way to complete your modern theme.