Chevron Wallpaper

A well-loved pattern for many years that has become more and more popular in recent months, our chevron wallpaper showcases the best in zig-zag wallpaper design and offers bright and playful designs for a variety of rooms in the house. With clean lines of various thickness, opt for a bold or delicate chevron pattern wallpaper to complement your interior tastes and match perfectly with your interior decor vision. With all our designs customizable to your decor colour palette, our black and white, grey, gold and teal zig-zag wallpapers are suitable for the playroom or nursery, kid's bedroom or even the living room and kitchen when paired with sophisticated hues.
6 designs
Chevron design inspector


Yellow & Grey Chevron Wallpaper Mural

Mina design inspector
ZigZag Black and White Wallpaper Mural


Black & White Mina Zig-Zag Wallpaper Mural

Pivot design inspector


Blue Chevron Wallpaper Mural

Ziggy design inspector


Multi-Coloured Zig Zag Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Torin design inspector
bright colour block geometric wallpaper mural-Square


Torin Colour Block Wallpaper Mural

Lismer design inspector
Black and White Striped Wallpaper Mural


Mona Black & White Striped Wallpaper Mural