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Chinese Wallpaper Ideas: Modern Meets Traditional

We’ve hand-selected seven beautiful Chinese wallpaper designs and paired them with modern East Asian-inspired decor – giving you some great ideas for your next room renovation.

These spaces are inspired by traditional Chinese aesthetics, but are also infused with current stylish design elements. Get inspired below…


Bamboo views

This bamboo wallpaper mural turns a room into a Chinese-inspired garden view. We’ve styled it with lots of neutral tones and natural materials to keep things looking fresh and in-style.   Low-down furniture is key for decorating a space inspired by Chinese or Japanese culture and design. A short chair and table (plus a pouffe or floor cushion) are easy ways to achieve the look and feel more comfortable in your room.


Ancient nature

This monochrome pattern, named Quinghua, brings the beauty of traditional Chinese mythology and nature to walls.    Painted in the same delicate ink style as above, this wallpaper is detailed with a motif of mountains, herons, reeds, bamboo shoots, pond fish, and ancient Chinese dragons.  It’s perfect for a bathroom to create a soothing spa-like space.


Classic red

This geometric design is inspired by historic windowpane designs found in Suzhou gardens. The motif has a simple style that gives it a modern look, but its deep red tone reflects classic Chinese interiors.    Here, the wallpaper works to create a bathroom environment that feels warm and peaceful. We recommend pairing with plant life and gold accents, and a bit of bamboo decor will add to the Chinese style.


Modern chinoiserie

With inky blue tones inspired by classic chinoiserie, this oriental wallpaper turns a modern bedroom into a more elegant space.    The traditional Chinese pattern features a hand-illustrated mix of native nature and ancient architecture, which are full of intricate details.


Blue hues

Another design that takes inspiration from chinoiserie – this time as a full wall mural scene. The hand-painted design is a beautiful landscape of ancient China with a mountain range, lake, old boats, and willow trees.    Here, we’ve created a simple relaxation spot to read and drink tea, which complements the calming atmosphere of the mural. 


Heron habitat

Cranes and herons are a popular animal to feature in ancient China designs. This wall mural paints them in their natural habitat, and is inspired by traditional Chinese ink painting methods.    The black and white heron wallpaper design transforms a room into a misty moor landscape, creating a relaxed environment.

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