Fruit Wallpaper

Liven up your interior with a colourful fruit wallpaper, perfect for breathing a new lease of life into any space. With fun orange and fruit tree designs as well as lemon wallpaper, this playful style is a great option for a new kitchen theme. The cute cartoon style of some of the designs would also make beautiful children’s nursery or bedroom designs, instilling a fresh new feel. Wherever you choose to display it, a fruit wallpaper is a great choice for feature walls when looking for a positive new vibe.
25 designs
Limon design inspector
yellow lemon modern repeat pattern wallpaper


Yellow Lemon Modern Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Cayenne design inspector
colourful vintage tropical pattern wallpaper mural


Colourful Vintage Tropical Pineapple Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Panare Blue design inspector
blue pineapple pattern wallpaper mural

Panare Blue

Blue Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Brecheche design inspector
blue vintage pineapple pattern wallpaper mural


Blue Vintage Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Banana design inspector
Banana Pattern Wallpaper Mural


Tropical Banana Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Panare Pastel design inspector
pastel pineapple pattern wallpaper mural

Panare Pastel

Pastel Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Still Life design inspector
Still Life With Apples by Cezanne Wallpaper Mural

Still Life

Still Life With Apples by Cezanne Wallpaper Mural

Panare design inspector
white and grey pineapple pattern wallpaper mural


White & Grey Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Citrus design inspector
Lemons pattern wallpaper mural


Lemon Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Citrullus design inspector
Watermelon pattern wallpaper mural


Watermelon Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Pernambuco design inspector
orange and pink-pineapple pattern wallpaper mural


Orange & Pink Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Juicy design inspector
Pear Fruit Pattern Wallpaper Mural


Pear Fruit Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

Pineapple design inspector
Striped pineapple pattern wallpaper mural


Striped Pineapple Repeat Pattern Wallpaper