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We wanted to share with you a recent project we worked on with Italian interior design studio Barberini & Gunnell. Tailoring their exquisite styling with Hovia wallpaper, the design duo executed an outstanding renovation of their client’s home. Combining their distinct flair for art and environment, the project by Barberini & Gunnell will get you feeling inspired by what’s possible when choosing Hovia wallpaper for your client’s home. In the beautiful coastal town of Forte dei Marmi sits a gorgeous villa owned by maestro Andrea Bocelli and wife Veronica.   With charming beaches and views of the Apuan Alps in abundance, who can blame them for choosing this idyllic part of Italy as the place to have a holiday home. Honing in on the beauty of where the villa sits and what the client loves about the place, Barberini & Gunnell used Hovia’s commercial wallpaper to bring brightness and the feeling of summer to the Bocelli’s home. On purchasing the villa, Veronica Bocelli asked her go-to designers Barberini & Gunnell for advice:

“Initially the client did not want to make big changes to the house, only small improvements, but when we showed her the project and renderings with Hovia’s products we got the ok to go ahead and changed everything. Hovia’s wallpaper has allowed us to give a strong personality to every room, we have chosen Hovia certainly for the quality and for the vast choice of colors and patterns available”

Our homes are so much more than where we rest our heads, it’s an extension of who we are, a celebration of what we love and how we choose to live. In touch with how to make design personal to each client, Barberini & Gunnell were able to highlight what’s special about the villa and what made the Bocelli’s fall in love with it:


“The inspiration certainly came from the Hamptons style, with some reinterpretations, we wanted to recreate a summer, welcoming and fresh environment. A place with an international flavour that could welcome its guests both in summer but also throughout the year. We have made important changes to the subdivision of the spaces to obtain very bright and open environments.”


And no better designs offer this than the designs carefully selected by Barberini & Gunnell from Hovia’s leaf wallpaper category. Purchased in more than one colour way for the project, our Redoute design continues to be one of our most popular and recognised designs since we launched it back in 2020. Jess from Hovia’s in house design team says on the piece:

“I created these designs after being inspired by the botanical illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. I wanted to recreate that wonderful vintage aesthetic with a touch of modern freshness. Each leaf was drawn in great detail to create the design and then colored in various tones to bring nature inside in a modern, dramatic way. Barberini & Gunnell have perfectly brought a feeling of tropical bliss to the Bocelli’s home, transforming the space into a utopia that makes for a truly wow-worthy holiday home and the feeling of the outdoors being brought inside”


With our custom design options available on Hovia’s wallpapers, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to offering luxury wallpaper for client home’s that are as unique as those that reside there. Get in touch with our experienced team to find out more.

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