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8 Marble Wallpapers That Will Transform Your Room

Marble is one of the few interior design trends to truly stand the test of time; its smooth texture and soft, natural vein patterns have been ever popular and desirable within interiors. There are few natural materials that exude extravagance as effectively as marble, so it’s no surprise that marble designs have recently made a massive comeback. Real marble may not be an option to everyone as it's often very expensive, however these 8 faux-marble wallpapers show how you can transform your home without breaking the bank.

blush pink fade marble wallpaper

Soft White & Blush Pink Marble Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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white and green marble wallpaper

Green & Teal Marble Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Styling marble wallpaper in bedroom decor can be an effortless way to achieve a natural and serene feel. The soft pink marble within Allure invites modern tones in a subtle yet stylish way, drawing people’s eyes to the details of your wall’s faux texture. The neutral tones within the furniture allow the marble details to do the talking, being sure not to overpower the intricacy and lightness of the design. Why not compliment with soft furnishings or pops of colour that work with the mural, and emphasise the contemporary feel of your space?

Zain black marble mural in bathroom

Black & White Cracked Dark Marble Effect Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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black and gold dark marble wallpaper

Black & Gold Dark Marble Effect Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Dark marble is a more modern style of marble wallpaper to makes its way into interior trends, and a great option to achieve a sleek, moody theme in your room. Both the Zain and Zahir murals have been styled to create a luxurious and quite sophisticated theme in their spaces, offering the refinement you’d aim to achieve with real marble. To emphasize the quality of the design, they have been styled with gold furnishings and darker wood grains, to complete the decadency of the theme, while still allowing the marble details to impress.

sage marble effect wallpaper

Sage Marble Effect Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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teal marble wallpaper

Teal Scraped Marble Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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If you’re looking for something more subtle than dark marble that invites colour to your space in an interesting way, both Sage and Finish offer this in versatile ways. With blue or more natural sage tones, the designs feature modern colours that are not too overpowering but still transform the room with their interesting texture. A block colour on your wall can be quite limiting, whereas coloured faux texture marble adds depth and character.

bronze cracked marble wallpaper

Bronze Cracked Marble Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wallpaper Mural

Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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These 8 beautiful faux marble wallpapers are the best choice when looking to transform your space in a unique and interesting way. Invite all the positive qualities of real marble, such as intricate details, fresh colour and a luxurious feel, without having to pay the price with an easy-to-install mural.