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6 Classy Wallpaper Ideas For Preppy Sophisticates

Especially for those with the desire to create a sophisticated space, we've pulled together a collection of wallpapers that keep it classy. From classic artworks to modern minimalism, this range of preppy prints will help reflect your unique and opulent style with something to suit everyone.

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Vermeer Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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A wallpaper inspired by classic art is the perfect way to show off your refined style, so why not opt for a mural design that has a history and meaning behind it? The designs above are iconic statement pieces that will become a talking point in your space, allowing you to share exactly why the design was chosen. Ensure your furniture complements your feature wall, letting it set the tone for your room.

Blue Circuit Design Geometric Striped Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $56.00

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Neutral Terracotta Abstract Lines Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $56.00

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Sophisticated wallpaper doesn’t always mean bold and daring, a minimalist design can also set a theme for a room that exudes elegance and style. Both Circuit and Direction feature clean lines and simple prints that make for the perfect backdrop for a simple and contemporary space. Keeping your furniture clean and uncluttered emphasises your refined interior theme and allows you to get creative with contrasting textures.

Pink Giraffe Print Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Nico Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Savanna is classy neutral wallpaper with effortless opulence and subtle animal print to capture your sense of adventure. Similarly, the concrete texture effect within Nico adds a tactile touch to geometric design, creating an interesting texture and depth that will create serious intrigue. Each of the six wallpapers shows how sophisticated design is effortlessly achievable, regardless of your taste in decor. Whether minimal or maximal, you can still express refinement and make an impression that lasts.