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6 Misty Forest Wallpapers To Create A Moody Ambience

There’s a reason why misty forest wallpaper is an ever-popular choice when looking to create a certain ambience. The inspiring scenery evokes a sense of exploration and adventure, whilst the rich, natural tones of the landscape and scale of the trees give your room height and depth, making any room feel bigger. These particular forest wallpapers have the added mystique of an enveloping mist, that is not only atmospheric but also adds another more neutral color accent that makes styling a beautiful forest wallpaper super achievable. Read on to find out how to incorporate a misty forest wallpaper into your home and create the ultimate moody ambience.

Sea of Trees Forest Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Misty Blue Ombre Forest Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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If you’re looking to add a centrepiece to an otherwise neutral bedroom, the Sea of Trees or Silkwood mural may be for you. The misty forests in these specific forest wallpaper murals have deep blue and green tones that add to the moody vibe and also work as accent colours when selecting accessories and furnishings to match. The way the forests have been photographed has been carefully considered; with Sea of Trees giving the sense of height from the slender, tall tree trunks reaching up to a canopy above, and the Silkwood misty forest mural highlighting how a horizontal colour gradient makes a room feel wider.

Cloudy Forest Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Misty Hills Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Another moody wallpaper option is the Through the Clouds mural. This misty landscape wallpaper has a clever smokey ombre effect, with a warmer, sandy brown mist descending from the top of the mural, and the darker, deeper blues cushioning the base of the wall. The combination of colours within this mural make it a good option for creating a Scandi sanctuary or modern masculine space as seen here. The Climb mural has a similar ombre effect, but with a fresher, whiter mist and deeper greens in the trees, making this mural more suitable for people looking for a more realistic forest scene. Styled above in a Scandi nursery, this scene is versatile and works well with wooden furniture and softer furnishings. In both murals, the line of the canopy gives a room height as it moves up diagonally from one corner to the other.

Misty Valley Forest Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Misty Rainforest Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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The styling of the Misty Valley and Kaen Krachan murals in the bathroom and bedroom above further highlight the flexibility of working a misty forest wallpaper into your decor. The scenery within these murals works at bringing depth to a space, as there are trees layered from the foreground back towards the horizon. A little less moody than earlier options, the two murals above have a freshness you can almost taste and bring a lush green pop of colour to your feature wall. In both rooms, you’ll spot wooden and brass elements and white furnishings, all of which are extremely complementary when layered with your misty tree wallpaper.

Forest murals and forest wallpaper are always a strong choice for creating a moody ambience in your home, regardless of the room or the room size. So bring your sense of adventure to your space with a misty forest mural.