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6 Chinese Inspired Wallpaper Ideas for 2024

We’ve hand-selected seven beautiful Chinese wallpaper designs and paired them with modern East Asian-inspired decor – giving you some great ideas for your next room renovation.

These spaces are inspired by traditional Chinese aesthetics, but are also infused with current stylish design elements. Get inspired below…


Bamboo views

Installing a bamboo mural is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home, creating a serene and composed atmosphere. Stick to furniture that’s low to the ground and simple in design to really let that zen mural do its thing. Mix in some raw materials like wood or rattan to keep it feeling earthy. Color-wise, play it cool with neutrals and throw in some soft greens and tans to keep the peace. Then, just a simple lamp for light and maybe one standout vase with some tall, elegant branches, and you’ve captured that feel of a serene Asian garden.


Ancient nature

Wrapping your bathroom in Qinghua wallpaper is like giving it a cool, serene makeover. You get this timeless monochrome pattern that’s peppered with beautifully illustrated Chinese motifs – herons, bamboo, dragons – all bringing a calm vibe to the space. Go for clean and simple fixtures to keep it sleek and throw in a dash of nature with some bamboo. Soft, mood lighting? Definitely. And don’t forget a few artistic pieces that nod to Chinese traditions. It’s all about creating that perfect spot that’s got style and zen in equal measure.


Classic red

This wallpaper, with its geometric pattern and Suzhou garden inspiration, brings a splash of classic Chinese elegance and a dash of modern style to your bathroom. The deep red tones set a warm, inviting mood, while adding bamboo touches and gold highlights blends traditional vibes with a hint of luxury. Throw in some easy-going green plants, and you’ve got yourself a space that’s both stylishly Chinese and totally today. It’s the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to create a bathroom that’s cozy yet cool, with just the right amount of cultural flair.


Modern chinoiserie

Drenched in cool, inky blue tones that give a nod to traditional chinoiserie, this wallpaper is all about bringing a slice of the orient right into your bedroom, but with a fresh twist. To really make it pop, keep your bedroom furniture simple and clean – think a Scandi-style bedside table or a minimalist bed frame. And why not add a little green with a plant or two? It’ll make those blues stand out and give your sleep space a laid-back natural feel.


Blue hues

This wall mural is all about that chinoiserie charm, whisking you away to an old-world Chinese landscape with every glance. With its hand-painted mountains, serene lake, quaint boats, and willow trees gently swaying in the breeze, it’s like a silent story on your wall. We’ve paired it with a no-fuss chill-out zone – just a comfy pouf and a simple table, ideal for kicking back with a good book or sipping on some tea. It’s a space that’s totally in sync with the laid-back, scenic vibe of the mural.


Heron habitat

This mural is inspired by those graceful cranes and herons from old-school Chinese art. It’s all about capturing that vibe of a peaceful, mist-covered land with nothing but the sound of birds for company. The classic black and white design, inspired by age-old Chinese ink painting, gives any room a slice of that calm, misty moor feel. It’s perfect for setting up a tranquil corner to work or escape.