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Botanical wallpaper ideas for each room of the house

Every home deserves a bit of botanical bliss.

Here, we’ve brought together a cool collection of tropical, floral and botanical wallpaper designs for modern bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and more.

Explore green, dark, and pastel ideas for your nature-inspired space below…


Jungle playroom

Redouté is one of our bestsellers, and we’re not surprised at all. We created this mural design using vintage botanical illustrations and lush green tones. And it’s ideal for decorating a kids’ playroom with a stylish jungle theme.   The towering leaves and plants create an immersive environment for a little one, and the sophisticated illustrations will keep their play space looking stylish.


Oasis bathroom

You can easily turn a bathroom into a space of botanical bliss with just two items: a big house plant, and a palm leaf wallpaper.   Here, we’ve put our Palmetto mural up as the backdrop to this basin, and its huge watercolor palm leaves frame the area and paint the wall in glorious green shades.


Hidden bedroom

Dark botanical decor can create a space that feels mysterious, intimate, and cozy. So it’s perfect for turning a bedroom into a nature-filled hideaway that’s restful on the eyes. This deep wallpaper design has a tropical feel with its exotic flowers and tonal leafy pattern. Paired with the wooden bed frame, this bedroom looks like it belongs in a stylish desert island resort.

4 Chill-out nook

It’s surprisingly easy to turn a wasted corner of a room into a mini reading nook or chill-out space. Here, we’ve simply paired a sideboard with a comfortable pouffe seat and a modern tropical backdrop. The Beachy botanical mural invites in a soothing vibe with its soft neutral tones and large banana leaf plants.


Lively living room

An illustrated botanical wallpaper with florals and birds like our Charm design is a delicate and impressive choice for a vintage or Victorian-style home.   This living room is a playful mix of contemporary and traditional decor, and the rich pops of color pair well with the bright botanical tones of the large-scale botanical birds and berries print.


Sanctuary nursery

A butterfly pattern is a charming and feminine choice for a nursery, that’ll make your child’s space feel like a little botanical garden. Our Suzy print has a sweet vintage style that’ll brighten up your baby’s room, and it pairs particularly well with green, cream, and other soft natural shades.


Paradise powder room

Not all beautiful botanical wallpapers need to be green. This blushed pastel pink color is a modern way to do a palm leaf wallpaper, and we think it’s perfect for creating a feminine powder room. The Koko Pink palm print is illustrated with an inky brush effect, and the light beachy tones feel relaxed and exotic.


Botanist hall

A hallway is a home space that often gets overlooked when it comes to decoration. But it’s the perfect place for making an impact on guests and setting the mood in your home as you walk from room to room.   No matter the size of your hall, it’ll instantly feel more homely and contemporary with a touch of nature and a piece of furniture. Here, we’ve simply added a Mid-Century bench, a house plant, and our green floral Botanist wallpaper.

‘Less is more’ definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to turning a room into an indoor botanical garden!

Discover even more botanical, tropical, and floral wallpaper ideas here, and have fun filling your home with nature-inspired decor.