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10 Best Animal Themed Nursery Wallpaper

Animal habitats such as the jungle, forest, mountains, and more are adorable theme ideas for a nursery space, and they’re always in style.

Kids animal wallpapers are some of our most popular designs for nurseries and, here, we’ve rounded up the 5 top animal nursery themes that people love getting creative with. Discover some great inspiration for your own decor…

Loxodonta elephant wallpaper mural in nursery room

Loxodonta Vintage Explorer Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Hidden Paradise jungle wallpaper mural in nursery room

Watercolour Jungle Nursery Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Safari nursery wallpaper is a fun piece of decor for a family that loves to explore the world. Murals featuring towering tropical trees and savanna animals like a giraffe and elephant are a popular modern choice for a nursery feature wall.

This popular watercolour design pairs well with neutral colours and natural decor materials, and this vintage elephant etching brings a sophisticated, grown-up feel to a unisex nursery room.

Fauna woodland wallpaper mural in nursery room

Watercolour Woodland Animals Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Dewfall forest mural in kids nursery

Kids Painted Autumnal Forest Landscape Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Woodland nursery wallpaper is an exciting way to create a forest theme in your baby’s room. With a mural scene across a feature wall, it feels like the cute woodland animals are all around, and makes the room seem more spacious!

This is your ideal theme if you’re a fan of rustic and Boho-style decor, and want to decorate a gender-neutral nursery room that looks natural and outdoorsy.

Summit Sage mountain wallpaper mural in play room

Sage Mountain Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Llama mountain wallpaper mural in nursery room

Cool Blue Exotic Llama Cactus Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Mountains make a charming piece of nursery wall decor, drawn with simple block colours and wondrous large-scale scenery you can get lost in. It’s also an easy theme to decorate around – the wallpaper does all the styling for you. 

Kids will be king of the castle above the mountain tops, and these two murals are charming ideas for a nursery, including adorable alpacas in a desert and mountain range landscape.

Sloth jungle wallpaper mural in nursery room

Cute Illustrated Sloth Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Buddies jungle wallpaper in nursery play room

Personalised Kids Cute Jungle Animals Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Pick a jungle wallpaper full of cute animal art and cartoon foliage to make your baby’s room a more immersive space. Anyone will have lots of fun picking out soft jungle animal toys, cushions, and bedding to decorate with this modern theme. 

A tipi or little daybed like this one as part of a playroom is a lovely way to make the most of the room’s nooks and crannies, too, as well as give the space a stylishly Boho look.

Kraken ocean wallpaper mural in nursery play room

Blue & White Pirate Ship Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Goddess mermaid ocean woodland wallpaper mural in nursery room

Beautiful Mermaid Theme Sea Life Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Transform your little one’s nursery from a simple room to an underwater odyssey. An ocean nursery theme comes with lots of ideas for wallpaper. A popular theme for baby girls is mermaid wallpaper, and a pirate-themed room is beloved for baby boys. These are our top ocean animal wallpaper picks for nurseries. (Whether a Kraken is actually an animal is up to you!)

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