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5 Wallpaper Ideas For A Living Room Feature Wall

Your living room's feature wall is all about showing off what makes you tick. It's like that loud-and-proud piece of art that says this is me! These cool ideas for your living room wall are all about making a splash, no matter your vibe. Want to give your guests something to talk about? Pick a design that pops and watch as your room comes alive with your own brand of cool.

purple dark floral wallpaper

Purple & Pink Dark Floral Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Nude Circuit Design Geometric Striped Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $56.00

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Work with the space you have

Each of these feature wall wallpapers brings something special to the table, but they’re united in one key aspect: they’re show-stoppers, guaranteed to bring that ‘wow’ moment into your living room. When picking out the perfect piece for your feature wall, remember that it’s all about working with the space you’ve got. Adding layers and textures with something like the large, lush florals on a dark background can make any room feel grand and luxurious. On the flip side, soft, undulating lines on a lighter backdrop can make a space feel broader and more open. Both of these choices can either cozy up a large room or give a smaller room the illusion of more space.


face line drawing wallpaper

Large Face Line Drawing Wall Mural - $56.00

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Pink & Green Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Play with vibrant colors and unique patterns

If you’re in the mood to shake things up and bring some energy into your living room, going bold on your feature wall is the way to go. Playing with vibrant colours or dynamic patterns can instantly up the ante. Take a cue from the ‘Portrait’ wallpaper, which uses striking black and white abstract faces to add a burst of modern artistry. Or let the ‘Rio Pink’ wallpaper transport you to a tropical escape with its lush greenery against a playful pink backdrop. Syncing your furniture with the colours in your mural can pull the whole look together, making your feature wall pop even more. It’s all about creating a space that’s as fearless and fabulous as you are.


bold geometric shapes wallpaper

Bold Geometric Shapes Modern Bauhaus Wallpaper Mural - $56.00

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Remember to keep it balanced

When you’re working with a standout accent wall, it’s all about balance. Keep your furniture simple and understated to let the wall do the talking. This geometric design we’ve picked doesn’t need to shout for attention; its bold shapes and colors draw the eye in a way that’s both modern and sophisticated. Pair it with sleek, high-quality pieces that complement without competing. The furniture here isn’t just filling space—it’s part of the art, framing the mural and finishing off the room’s story. So go ahead, get playful with your feature wall, and watch your space come alive with a fresh, stylish vibe.