5 Wallpaper Designs For People Who Hate Clutter

For those with an appreciation for clean and orderly spaces, you can now continue this obsession to your wall design too. Any self-confessed clean freak will love these sharp and minimal wallpapers that are not only stylish, but sure to satisfy any compulsions through being very pleasing to the eye.

Black Arrow Tribal Canvas Wallpaper Mural - £37.00

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3D Geometric Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £37.00

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A repeat pattern wallpaper is a solid choice when looking to style an orderly feature wall, and the symmetrical repetition within Arrow and Risen does not fail. Let your eyes get lost within the structured details of the designs as they form a captivating feature in your space. The minimal tones with them also keep the designs simple yet effective due to the stylish use of 3D and interesting textures.


Blue Geometric Shapes Modern Bauhaus Wallpaper Mural - £37.00

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Nystrom Room

Neutral Gray Scandi Geometric Wallpaper Mural - £37.00

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If you love creative design, but hate chaos, a wallpaper with block colours and shapes will help achieve your decor dreams. A fun geometric design with clean lines will be pleasing to look at while introducing a contemporary style to any room. Both Kreis and Tone explore the inventive result of contrasting lines and tones without getting too hectic, and the result is satisfyingly uniform.


Beige Geometric Shapes Modern Bauhaus Wallpaper Mural - £37.00

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Don’t let your neat and tidy nature stop your from being creative with your interior design, choose wallpapers with repeat or block patterns and enjoy the minimal yet stylish aesthetic they create.

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