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How To Measure Your Wall

Measuring your wall is easier than you think. All we need is the width and height of the wall at the longest and widest possible points. Read the guide to learn more.

Wall types

{:en}{:en}{:en}We know walls come in all shapes and sizes, it’s one of the reasons we love them. For tips on measuring different wall types, scroll through the sketches below.

Sloped wall

When you have a sloped ceiling or wall, measure the longest and widest parts only, ignoring any slopes. We provide the mural as a whole rectangle or square, and the slope is cut away during installation.

Pitched wall

If your wall has two slants, simply identify and measure the longest part of the wall in both the width and the height. Again, we will produce your mural as a square or rectangle, with the cutaways taking place during installation.

Wall with obstacles

{:en}When there is a door, window or other obstacle on your wall, only measure the total width and height of the wall, as the obstacle will simply be cut away during hanging. Feel free to send us additional measurements, a photo or a rough plan as we can add the position of the obstacle to your proof image. Easy!

Multiple walls

If you’re looking to wrap a wallpaper around multiple walls, simply combine the widths of each wall and submit one measurement when ordering. There’s no need to order the mural as two separate pieces.

Standard wall

Simply measure the full height and width of the wall. We need your exact wall size, so don’t forget to double check the measurements before sending on to us. We only need the dimensions of the surface you wish to cover, excluding any skirting boards or coving.

How to measure

Take your measuring tape and note down the widest width and the highest height of your wall. We only need wall measurements, don’t include any skirting board or coving. We will print your wallpaper 1-2% larger than the dimensions you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. This will make installation easier and safer.

Installation guides

Medium paper

Our most popular paper type. A softly-textured paper with sharp print definition, vibrant colours and a satin finish. It’s wipe clean and kind on the environment. Easy installation and DIY friendly. Our step by step guide below shows just how easy it is.

View the guide

Heavy paper

Extremely durable. Embossed, canvas like surface provides a soft print definition and cleverly disguises knocks and scratches. Wipe clean, strong against greasy spills and prevents stains. The overlap and double cut installation method means tight, clean seams and our wide format strips mean less of them. Find out how to install our heavy paper below.

View the guide