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4 Wallpaper Ideas To Create A Glamorous Interior

When looking to create a sense of luxury in your home, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. This collection of luxurious wallpapers depict how you can achieve the high-end look you want by simply updating your walls. Whatever your preference, a quality wallpaper mural can add a new opulent depth to your feature wall, that beams glamour.

Yellow & Black Geometric Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $70.00

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A great way to achieve a high-end feel in your home is through an opulent bedroom or living room decor, for example, this luxury black and gold effect design with an art deco vibe. Gatsby features a dark backdrop that adds to the sense of sophistication but also allows the pattern within the designs to stand out and make a statement.

Vase of flower by de Heem wallpaper

Vase of Flowers’ by de Heem Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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mid century modern dark shapes wallpaper mural

Mid Century Modern Dark Shapes Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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These two murals explore how classic interior design themes explored in new ways can add glamour to your space. Vase of Flowers and Henry have been inspired by art, florals and mid-century design, all iconic themes interpreted in new and exciting ways, making them truly intriguing. This elegance, paired with the dark tones creates show-stopping pieces that will transform your living space without the expensive cost of upgrading your whole room.

deep blue clouded marble wallpaper

Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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If you’re looking for a more light and airy feel in your space, but still want to achieve luxury in your home, a marble wallpaper is a great choice. With lots of depth and detail, as well as modern tones you can invite all the qualities of real marble to your feature wall. No matter what you go for, simply complement your chosen design with simple yet layered textures within your furniture to complete your theme, and let the wallpaper do the talking.