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6 Geometric Wallpaper Ideas For A Bedroom Interior

The definition of geometric is ‘something characterized by, or decorated with, regular lines and shapes’, but there’s nothing regular about these examples of geometric bedroom wallpaper. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite geometric bedroom ideas to show how choosing a geometric mural for your bedroom can be an intriguing way to liven up a space.

Beige Geometric Shapes Modern Bauhaus Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Nico geometric wall mural in bedroom

Nico Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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The first of our geometric bedroom wallpapers is a design that formed part of the Bauhaus Centenary collection, celebrating 100 years of the art school. The big, bold, Bauhaus shapes combined with a tonal, golden colour palette make this geometric wallpaper a classy choice that’s very easy to incorporate into your decor. Similarly, the angular Nico mural fuses concrete effects with subtle mustard, grey, blue, and blushed hues to offer a well-balanced feature wall option that works with a variety of colours when selecting complementing bedding and furnishings.

Blue Oversized Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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A playful and colorful geometric-patterned wallpaper with a Memphis design style featuring vibrant shapes and textures, paired with a modern brown chair and a chic floor lamp in a minimalist setting.

Memphis Colourful Geometric Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $70.00

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Deciding to place a multicoloured geometric wallpaper in a bedroom is a great way to start your redecoration effort, as it provides a palette to work from when layering your furniture and accessories. Both designs are a celebration of shapes and shades, allowing you to really experiment with colour combinations and mix them up from time to time with bedding, bedside lamps, and cushions.

Circuit wallpaper in bedroom

Blue Geometric Infinite Loop Striped Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - $70.00

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If you’re interested in something more subtle for your space, the relaxing blue colours and delicate arched lines of our Circuit wallpaper pattern should satisfy your geometric bedroom dreams. This mesmerizing looped arch pattern is both modern and sophisticated – inspired by a fusion of Art Deco and clean, contemporary digital design. If you have white, blue, or gray bedding, this navy design will be a perfect partner to your bedroom decor.

Panton mid century geometric wall mural in bedroom

Blue & Neutral Mid Century Modern Geometric Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Finally, our Panton mural is something a bit different – showcasing a design inspired by Mid-Century Modern style. Whether you want a retro or contemporary look in your bedroom, this geometric mural is suitable for lots of room styles and will relax your space with warm, earthy colours. The brilliance of geometric bedroom wallpaper comes from the synergy between the feature wall and furnishings. Eye-catching, confident but classy, geometric wallpaper in bedrooms is a perfect match.