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6 Ways To Incorporate Classic Art Masterpieces Into Your Modern Decor

With galleries worldwide finding inventive ways to bring art to the home; from virtual tours, digital exhibits and social media initiatives encouraging people to recreate iconic art scenes with basic home items; this latest MuralsWallpaper collection also looks to encourage those working from home to cocoon themselves in culture with art wallpaper designs. We’ve brought together 6 iconic designs to show you how to style art wallpaper in the home in a stylish and modern way.

1: The Birth of Venus

We’ve styled this mural with delicate, feminine accessories in pink, gold and terrazzo; all trending styles for bathrooms right now, that compliment the soft, comforting natural tones of the painting. A shiny houseplant in a chalky vase is a must to tie this look together, again reciprocating the background of the painting and bringing together the matte and glossy elements. Don’t forget to add some shells!

2: Louisiana Heron

This mural is beautiful, blue and bold. It can feel intimidating to style, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate this into a modern home. Many people find that our Birds of America murals work well in bathrooms as it is a nice way of incorporating a water-based theme in an elegant and unusual way. The statement basin here is effective at tying the palette together and the slim vanity unit resembles the delicate feathers and beak of the bird. This mural also works well as a dining room backdrop, with upholstered chairs and a smooth oak table. The statement basin in this bathroom is by London Basin Company.

3: Starry Night

The depth, textures and complex colours within the original oil on canvas mean the styling of this mural could go maximalist or minimalist, depending on personal taste… We’ve opted for slim, clean, black lines and an oversized vase and bowl for a modern finish. The colours in the geometric rug are a clever and subtle nod to the palette of the piece.

4: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

You can never be lonely with this mural, you can almost hear the giggles and chatter of the sunbathers. The sunny blues and yellow-green hues mean that this mural works best with richer wood grains, like walnut or cherry, but works well with oak too. Low-set furniture on a wall with few disruptions lets this mural be at its best, so think hallways, offices or sunrooms.

5: The Peak of Mount Fuji

Get the Japanese-inspired look from walls to floor with this simple yet eye-catching mountain mural based on the peak of Mount Fuji. Complement with low furniture in natural materials, such as rattan with black accents to complete the look. Perfect for creating the ultimate sanctuary in your home, Japanese styling such as this will radiate calm, so avoid too many objects or clutter to keep things simple.

6: Girl With a Pearl Earring

This mural is literally eye-catching and is powerful whichever direction you view it from – so ideally clutter and noise in front of the mural will be kept to a minimum. Smooth rugs and scalloped seating echo the softness of the girl’s expression and stop the room from feeling too sparse and cold. The lamp and plant pot reflects the glints from the earring and eye in the painting – the globe shade on this floor lamp almost resembles a pearl itself.

Classic art doesn’t have to be solely for museums, galleries, or for traditional spaces, and these art murals depict an effortless way to bring the beauty of the pieces to your home. With considered styling, you can create a truly modern masterpiece in your space, free for you to marvel at any time you like. Discover more Art Wallpaper.