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5 Dark Tropical Wallpaper Ideas for Summer 2024

The tropical theme is an ever trending look within interiors, offering vibrant and refreshing design that’s great for contemporary spaces. This new collection of dark tropical wallpapers is perfect for your summer decor update, transporting you to a warm summer’s night with deep opulent tones. From deep blue and purple to more classic green hues, the designs offer a unique take on tropicals, reminding you of summers evenings you never want to forget.

blue dark tropical wallpaper

Blue Banana Leaf Bird of Paradise Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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purple banana leaf tropical wallpaper

Purple Banana Leaf Pattern Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Twighlight Tropics

Capture the feel of hot summer nights with our twilight-inspired tropical wallpapers. The oversized banana leaves in ‘Midsummer Blue’ and ‘Solstice Purple’ designs create a statement space that’s both cool and captivating. These dark, rich hues don’t just add drama; they bring the soothing embrace of a summer’s night indoors. Pair these wallpapers with metallic accents and minimalist furniture to let the bold leaf patterns shine. It’s all about creating a balance that’s bold yet tranquil, ideal for living spaces meant to unwind and impress.

Blue & Green Dark Tropical Wall Mural

Blue & Green Dark Tropical Wall Mural - $70.00

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blue banana leaf pattern wallpaper

Blue Banana Leaf Pattern Tropical Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Designer Tips for Working With Dark Tropical Wallpaper

Swapping luscious green leaves for dark tropicals will help create that unique and sophisticated theme you desire, perfect for statement bathrooms. Here are some key tips for completing the look.

  • Balance the bold with understated furniture. Let a sleek, low-profile couch or a simple, elegant vanity take the back seat.
  • Play up the dark tones for cosiness. Add layers of comfort with plush cushions and throws in vibrant pinks and sun-kissed yellows that echo the mural’s colours.
  • Keep the lighting soft and mellow. Think floor lamps casting a gentle glow to warm up those deep tropical hues.
  • And don’t forget, a few carefully chosen accessories—like a statement lamp or vivid artwork—can really tie the whole ‘tropical at twilight’ theme together.

Multicolour Tropical Leaves, Florals and Parrots Wallpaper - $70.00

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Tropical patterns are perfect for creating a standout space, these wallpapers are all about bold themes with a contemporary edge. Match them with minimalist furniture to let the walls do the talking, or mix in some vibrant textures to really make the room pop. With these designs, you’re not just decorating; you’re crafting an experience.