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Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas for 2024

Give your bathroom a chill vibe and a breath of fresh air with our botanical wallpapers. They're not just any designs; think of them as your personal nature retreat, right in your home. Choose from cool, leafy prints that make you feel like you're in a forest, or go bold with some lively colors. Either way, your bathroom's about to get a whole lot livelier and a dash more zen.

A bathroom featuring a wall covered in 'Botanist' wallpaper with large, detailed leaf illustrations in soft peach and green tones, evoking a vintage botanical feel. A modern, wooden vanity with a white basin is mounted on the wall, accompanied by simple bathroom accessories, with a soft pink towel hanging to the side and a white rug on the wooden floor.

Peach Chic Vintage Tropical Pattern Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Easily Transform your Bathroom with Effortless Botanicals

Transform your bathroom into a serene retreat with a nature inspired wallpaper. Our ‘Botanist’ design brings a breath of fresh air to your space, creating a low-maintenance green haven that’s always lush and vibrant. Blend it with organic textures and a few pops of colour through towels or decor items for a balanced, harmonious look that’s effortlessly chic and inviting.


green vintage tropical wallpaper

Green Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Create a Sense of Tropical Tranquility in Your Bathroom

For the ‘Redouté Green’ mural, let the intricate botanical art whisk you away to a tropical paradise. You don’t need much to make a statement – let the tropical design do the talking while you accessorize with subtle, earthy elements. This approach brings a sophisticated yet personal touch to your bathroom’s ambience.

A tranquil bathroom setting featuring 'Botanist Green' wallpaper, with large, detailed green leaves and delicate peach flowers, creating a lush backdrop behind a contemporary round basin on a minimalist wooden vanity, invoking a serene, vintage botanical ambiance.

Green Chic Vintage Tropical Pattern Wallpaper Mural - $70.00

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Achieve a Timeless Look With Vintage Botanicals

Imagine this: your own green retreat with a wallpaper that channels a vintage vibe. Picture lush foliage in deep greens paired with subtle blushes—a nod to the timeless elegance of a bygone era. The ‘Botanist Green’ mural is your ticket to a luxuriously bold statement, blending the tranquil essence of a jungle with a dash of grandeur. Go for gold fixtures to add a sparkle of sophistication, or keep it grounded with natural wood accents for a spa-like ambience.


A serene bathroom featuring a wall adorned with large-scale botanical wallpaper showcasing various shades of green leaves and subtle floral accents. A modern, round mirror hangs above a simple wooden vanity with a textured bowl sink, flanked by a small potted plant and toiletries, creating a tranquil and sophisticated space.

Pink & Teal Vintage Tropical Wall Mural - $70.00

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Embrace the Outdoors With Nature Inspired Designs



Revitalize your bathroom into a serene retreat by embracing botanical wallpapers that reflect the serenity of the outdoors. Opt for wallpapers that showcase a variety of leaf patterns and subtle floral elements to create a tranquil ambience. Enhance this natural hideaway by pairing the wallpaper with complementary wooden accents and neutral-toned textiles to maintain a feeling of warmth and elegance. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to replace your bathroom wallpaper with something more natural.